recapping 13 weeks


I want to work in digital media. And I like social topics. But I don´t like social media. I feel like it is all about entertainment, sharing “funny” pictures and videos, which are not even real or true. A person shouting out an unthoughtful opinion and there are enough dumb people to react and start a fight.

But I was glad, I could recover hope in seeing that social media is also used in a serious and meaningful way. I found it great to see so many different projects, that I never heard of. And even the variety from human rights, e.g. Kony 2012 to animal protection, like the Kentucky Fried Cruelty.

I never thought I would be saying something like this, but I really liked the way of teaching of this course. I was kind of surprised, when we were asked to create a Twitter account (because I never used one and found it useless) and share our thoughts and the material we come across with #iNetizen. I like this idea so much, because it is such an easy and modern way to make a class engage in a topic. If I am ever going to give classes in universities, which I would love to do in the future, I will remember this idea of collecting individual contribution. But I think we should have used it more, like picking up topics in class, which others twittered about, it was not paid much attention to it, although I found it a great idea to have it.

 I started liking and being interested in the homophobia topic, which we chose for our presentation. Although it was not me who came up with the idea and I don´t have a special relation to this issue, I found it really interesting. That is also why I related this blog to it. But I also found it interesting to see the different initiatives and how they succeeded in reaching people. Looking back towards the start the documentation “we live in public” was such an interesting opener to the class, because it was fascinating, that it was an experiment that has a more actual topic than ever, although it did not use the internet. This movie impressed and even shocked me sustainably.